Let's start with a little story of where J-FLY began Originally, it was a fish farm established with the fascination towards fishing and of course, fish itself.

At the fish farm, our purpose was to increase the number of fishing spots by breeding and releasing trout into the lakes and rivers in the area Along the way, numerous requests to learn "Fly Fishing were received which inspired me to open up my own company, expand fish ponds to give customers lessons, teach fly fishing techniques and guide customers to the lakes and rivers. 

Five years has passed by and now with three other guides onboard, we have been touring and catching a great deal of fish in Hokkaido, which is our main fishing location.
Our company is not a big company and we focus on small group of customers, however, needless to say, more than thirty years of career achievements have been wrapped and tailored as fierce as the world class fish we catch every year. 

From childhood, each and every one of our guides has begun their own joumey learning the techniques in fishing from Hokkaido and have developed a deep knowledge through the many years of practice. 

Although they have all been recognized by appearing in numerous may wines for their talent, they still have never forgotten their initial fascination to fishing and to keep their professionalism and pride at the highest level. 

Their attention to crisis prevention and the daily presentation to have cach day be the best for their customers have always been their top priority and the forefront of their mission
For the one thing that we are pouring all of our pride and effort into, Hokkaido peovides the most beautiful landscape, natural environment and has nothing but the best fish you can seek. which creates the utmost best and forever lasting memanes In the coming year, J-FLY will be making advancements overseas and expanding towards North America and Oceania. 

We are all looking forward to another great new encounter with you somewhere, someday.

 LIFE IS GOOD! This is our motto.